Diversity & Inclusion

With Providence & Mayer we identify the key elements of diversity initiatives:

  • We define a vision for the desired outcome.
  • We understanding the dynamics of change and designing an appropriate strategy, and selecting and combining the most effective interventions and best practices.
  • We review approaches used in organizations to create change toward diversity and inclusion, articulate some of the challenges organizations face as they seek the benefits that diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity can bring, and outline some techniques for meeting those challenges.

Visions of inclusion is our goal for build the inclusive future.


Once companies have snapshots of how their workplace reflects a diverse culture, they can properly monitor over time how they are performing and evaluate if they are seeing positive trends being driven by staffing decisions such as internal placement, promotions, and talent recruitment.

Providence & Mayer support the company in order to identify and focus on those departments that are lagging within a given span of control and may require further attention. We detecting together the, efforts can be made to establish goals and additional measures so that the metrics for these lagging departments may begin to trend upward.